The Meadow Cemetery

Located next to Lady Wood and close to the historic villiage of Owston, the Meadow Cemetery is a peaceful haven of flora and fauna.
Establishment began in 2010 with planting of hundreds of native trees and shrubs and the creation of a wildlife pond.
We offer:
  • an alternative to church burial
  • an alternative to environmentally harmful cremation
  • a natural reserve for wildife
  • a special place for loved ones to visit
  • a naturally regenerating and undisturbed resting place

Why is the Meadow Cemetery different:
  • The coffin or urn is made of biodegradable material such as,  cardboard, wool, wicker or a shroud.
  • We do not allow embalming.
  • Each grave is sown with wildflower following interment.
  • We do not have headstones, but you may have a stoneplaque placed in the ground.
  • In certain areas families may plant a tree.
  • We only carry out one interment a day so families are under no pressure.
  • We are open to all faiths and religions and those with no faith.
  • Funerals can be arranged by a funeral director or families can make their own arrangements